The Discipline of Biology

One thing about nursing school is that you take a lot of classes from many different disciplines. I like to think that nursing is interdisciplinary itself. The discipline that I want to focus on is biology. The courses that I got the pleasure of taking in the discipline of biology resinated with me the most out of all the others. Freshman year, I took Anatomy and Physiology I & II which is a requirement for an array of majors at any university. Biology courses allow you to learn more about the human body and what it can do, and what other things can do to it. Biology is one of the most important and probably the most valuable discipline to be included in something like nursing.


The history of biology spans back to many centuries ago. Biology is in fact the study of life on this earth. Hippocrates, Aristotle and Galen, people of ancient times, were some of the first to study the anatomy and physiology behind living organisms. The middle ages, approximately 10,000 years ago, is when medicine was being discovered and tested. Biology takes a very large place in the evolution of science itself.

Biology is studied all over the world. Something that is interesting about biology is that it is something that Plymouth State and other college students can actually major or minor in, not just a discipline towards your major. A human body has many moving parts and mechanisms that don’t seem like there is much to them, but is actually extremely complex. That’s why there are labs that include the dissection of animals and other things in order for us as a species to learn more about ourselves. It doesn’t stop there! Biology includes things like human diseases, viruses and bacteria. Microscopic organisms that can multiply and build up resistance to our immune systems and make us sick. Without the study of Biology, we would not know what makes up a human. Our species is superior because we took the time to ask ourselves, “what makes us tick?” and we began to discover amazing things. It is amazing that we even have the time to learn everything about the human body.

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The subject of science has always been interesting to me. I find that in all of my biology courses, labs are included. I enjoy the environment, the beakers, test tubes, microscopes with slides, bunsen burners, and even the ugly goggles and lab coats. Being able to test things within the environment, look at bacteria and viruses under a high definition microscope or being able to see human cells is truly remarkable. Biology allows us to see how complex the human body really is and how hard they work. Human bodies are machines, constantly making improvements and growing into a species that is superior over any other.




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  1. This is a fine start, and I like that you have identified a discipline. You need to flesh out the history a bit more (at least a few more sentences, and cite a source) and then talk more about the qualities of the discipline as outlined in the assignment prompt:

    “Post on your ePort: choose a discipline that is a part of your contract. Describe it. Use the “Terms & Concepts” to guide your description.What is the content/methods/epistemologies? Explore your discipline from the perspective of this week’s readings. What is the history of your discipline in the West or the US? or at PSU? What are classes like in your discipline? What is the space like? What do you love about how your discipline sees the world and organizes learning? What are the journals or Twitter leaders like? Take a deep dive into one of your disciplines and make this post ROBUST, COMPLEX, FUN, and INTERESTING. Use links and images to enhance your ideas. Take some photos of your books, classrooms, school supplies, etc!”

    This is a good beginning; stop into the office anytime to work with someone to expand it a bit so we can greenlight this assignment. It just needs more development…

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