Sutherland Springs

Many people have a Sunday routine of going to Church every morning with family, friends, or alone. I remember my mom taking me to church when my sister and I were younger, but never made it mandatory as we were growing up. Church is a part of religion for some people, and a safety zone for others. Unfortunately, Church was a nightmare for the people in The First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

On Sunday November 5th 2017, at least 26 lives were taken when a 26 year old male burst into the church, gun in hands, firing at any person he saw. The shooter was by the name of Devin Kelley and had a history of domestic abuse. Kelley unfortunately did not care about the age of the victims. The youngest live lost was a mere 18 months old and the oldest being 77 years. After the shooting, Kelley fled in his vehicle and crashed it at a high speed, taking his own life.

Many different departments were called to the scene. Law enforcement attempted to figure out the motive behind the shooting. After doing some research, it was discovered that Kelley had sent threatening messages to his mother-in-law that day prior to the shooting. It was also noted that she attended the same church that Kelley had gone into that day, taking the lives of many. Kelley was a part of the US Air Force and was stationed in New Mexico. Because of his history of domestic abuse, he was not able to possess fire arms. Unfortunately Kelley proved himself a very dangerous man when he got his hands on 3 rifles. Since this man took his own life, we will not know the exact motive of what he has done, but with the help of detectives and law enforcement, we can come very close to what we believe was Kelley’s motive.


Fireman and EMT’s were on the scene right away, attempting to save the lives of the injured and bring others to safety. Along with the 26 deaths, 20 people were injured so paramedics had to act quickly to get people to the hospital to get the proper care they needed. There are still people in critical condition at this time, but if medical personnel did not show up the time that they did, more lives could have easily been lost.

Fortunately, 2 funds have been started to help with the victims of the Sutherland Springs shooting. One fund is by the name of Sutherland Springs Shooting Fund which provides donated funds directly to the victims of the shooting. This fund is run by the Hardest Hit Family Relief Fund (HHFRF), an existing charity that provides disaster relief. There is also a GoFundMe page that is aiming to raise money for the church where it all took place. The pages together have already raised approximately $12,000 in donations within the span of one day. Without the help from these funds, recovery would be off to a much slower start.171105200704-19-sutherland-springs-church-shooting-exlarge-169

All of these departments are working together to overcome this disaster that has occurred. Without them and the people that run them, this situation could have been handled in a much poorer way. Unfortunately, this situation can not be taken back, but because of the technology and departments we have access to, we can hopefully prevent another situation like this from happening again the future. Source

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One Reply to “Sutherland Springs”

  1. I think disaster response is a place where we are really seeing people trying to partner across fields of knowledge and expertise. I wonder about how the academic disciplines can contribute to conversations around gun violence. How can Women’s Studies help us understand connections with domestic violence? How can sociology help us understand class and race issues? What other fields matter: Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Work, Economics, History– it just seems like such a complex problem will require a complex, interdisciplinary approach.

    Good to see you applying your work and ideas to the critical and heartbreaking events of the past week. This is what education is for, as I see it…

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