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Below I will be discussing my finalized ideas for my research article and my applied project. They both have some similarities and relate to my health science major.

Research Article Prospectus

Spending time outdoors helps combat stress

This may be a shock to some who have read my last blog post. I convinced myself that I wanted to do research on physical activity and stress. I later changed my mind because after talking to a few people about my ideas, physical activity can be an outlet for stress only if you really enjoy it. So I changed my mind completely and went with one of my

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last resort ideas. Spending time outdoors helps lower your stress. This is something that I truly believe and would really enjoy looking at some research for this topic. Whenever I feel stressed out, I want to get away. By get away, I mean away from technology and closed areas. I want to feel the warmth on my skin from the sunshine and the breeze running through my clothes and hair. I don’t want to hear the sound of another text or notification from social medias. Being outdoors hands down lowers my stress levels.

Stress has a large negative impact on your mind and your body. Stress can make you more susceptible to illness and cause you to separate from the world. It can also cause fluctuation of your weight and breakouts on your skin. A high amount of stress is just too much. I can personally relate to the negative impacts of being too stressed out for a long period of time. I want to dig deeper into a solution that I personally have for combating my stress level. I want to prove that being outside doing any type of activity such as hiking, running, walking, walking your dog, swimming, doing homework, or anything along those lines can be so beneficial for your health.

Stress is something that people deal with at all ages and there are tons of people who do not practice the proper coping mechanisms. If more people are aware that they can lower their stress by being in nature, I am sure more people would decide to do so. I have lived with chronic headaches and usually get them when I am the most stressed. Being outdoors helps me even if its for 15 minutes. I want it to be able to help others too.

I plan on getting all of my resources for my research article before April 10th. My main source of research will be peer reviewed full text articles from the Library data base. I will then begin putting the paper together after a rough outline is done. I want to have the first draft of my article done by the 25th of April at the latest. I will then review my work and make any changes that are needed.

Applied Project Prospectus

Survey for college students and their methods of coping mechanisms for stress

As you can tell, I am passionate about the stress topic. I have talked about stress in other courses before this one and have succeeded in finding great and useful information on the topic. College students really stick out to me for this topic. College students are faced with things like binge drinking, studying until late hour of the night, balancing work and school work and social life and much more. I thought it would be interesting to look more into college students’ coping mechanisms and seeing how unhealthy they truly are. I want to create a survey that I will post over my social media for college students to take. The survey will consist of an array of coping mechanisms and other personal questions relating to the topic. By researching more about this topic, it may help make more professors, students and others aware of the stress levels of college students on a day to day basis.

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When I get results from my survey, I will post the data in percentages in another blog post. I will also research stress and coping mechanisms for other universities and colleges and compare them to my data that I collect. I want to send out the survey ASAP and have it done before the end of March. This way, I have about a month to collect the surveys that people take and gather all the data appropriately. I want to have the publication done before May 12th, 2018.

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