Making a Change to Health Science

Health Science
Ryleigh Stearns, IDS major

The title of the program I created is Health Science. Coming into college, I was almost certain that I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that I loved science, and I want to do whatever I could to help people in any way that I can. I ended up choosing a major at Plymouth State that was not exactly right for me, and I did that for 3 out of the 4 years of my college career. After realizing that I was in the wrong program, I wondered if it was too late for me to decide something else. I was introduced into Interdisciplinary Studies not too long ago.
The program that I created consists of a variety of classes from nursing, health education, psychology, biology, and math. I created a program with so many different areas of study because the health field is so broad and expands to great lengths. Without knowing exactly what I want for a career, having experience from all of these areas prepares me for anything that could possibly come my way. No other program could meet my needs in the way that my own program could because I cannot yet specify what I want to be doing in the next five years. My plan is to go back to school and become a radiological technician. With the health background that I have, along with the numerous hours of clinical experience, I will make a great candidate.
In my program, I wanted to include numerous biology courses that I felt I learned the most and stood out the most for me. BI 2110 Human Anatomy/Physiology I with Lab was the beginning of my college classes. This course got down to the basics of the human body; it’s bones, muscles and cells. This course, along with its familiar sister BI 2120 Human Anatomy/Physiology II with Lab, taught me all about the structure and function of the entire human body. BI 2340 Microbiology for Nurses was a class that I found extremely valuable. Diseases, viruses, bacteria and so on were the main topics in this course. It is valuable for health oriented majors to know about diseases and how humans contract diseases and how they fight them off. BI 2360 Genetics for Nurses is the last biology class I decided to include in this program. I found this class helped me better understand the human genome and severity of

certain genetic diseases.
Next I will get into the nursing classes. I thought it would be

really important for me to include certain nursing courses because I learned more in these classes than a lot of other classes I have taken in the past. NR 3052 Clinical App Patient Centered Care, NR 3090 Clinical Evidence Based Practice,

and NR 3094 Evidence Based Practice Med/Surg are all courses where I

was doing my clinical work in the hospital. This is where I learned the most and spent most of my time. Having hands on experience with patients allowed me to learn in a more efficient way. On top of that, I have taken away some very memorable experiences from working in the hospital. NR 3030 Pharmacology & Pathophysiology was one of the hardest courses I have taken, but a very valuable one. In this course, I learned all about medical drugs and their effects in general and effects on the human body.
During my sophomore year, I took HE 3220 Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living. This course shed light on a lot of things that I did not know about nutrition and preventable health related diseases that are so prevalent in the United States. HE 3230 Promoting Health Across the Lifespan taught me a lot about myself. Something that I really enjoyed about that class was being able to collaborate so much with my classmates and discuss what we learned together in class and relate it to our everyday lives. In my particular group, we learned many ways how to manage stress and provide examples as well as present it to the class. The hard work that we put in for that presentation did not get forgotten, it actually got posted on the Plymouth State Library page. The last health class, HE 2900 Disease, Safety & Environment provides me with so much information about human health and disease and goes into depth about bacteria and how certain diseases are transmitted. This course is very valuable since working in a hospital puts not only patients, but also yourself at risk.
To meet my QRCO requirement, I enrolled in MA 2200 Finite Mathematics, which is math that you practice in your everyday life such as financial equations and basic properties that you may come across during one’s lifetime. I decided to include PS 3170 Child Development in my contract form because having knowledge of all ages in important to have while working in a hospital. This course went very in depth on childhood diseases and how the mind of a younger child works. Finally, SW 3500 Health & Society is a course that I plan on taking to complete my contract. I wanted to include this course because I think social work is very important in the health field and having a class that discusses health in society would give me much more knowledge about the health in certain areas.
Although I decided to change my major as a senior in college, I feel that I made the right decision with choosing Interdisciplinary Studies. The courses that I included best represent me as a student and have helped me pave the path for what I want to do to further my education. Health Science is exactly what I want to receive my Bachelor of Science degree in. Having this degree will also help me further my education so I am able to create the future how I want.

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