Interview with Lynn Bates

It was humid, hot and hard to think. Luckily, I found a great professor willing to take time from her day for a quick interview. Lynn Bates teaches two classes in the Health and Human Performance department. I am grateful to have chosen a class that professor Bates teaches, for she is very knowledgable and someone that I can get a lot of insight from. Something that I found interesting that Lynn told me was that she has previous experience in themedical field which is what I had thoughts of doing. Her words are very encouraging to me, which only made me want to find out more about her.

Professor Bates got her masters degree in Health Education and does not do any current research at this time. I then asked Bates what she most enjoys about her work. She responded with “Interacting with students. I really enjoy raising people’s awareness of things that people don’t think about to acknowledge. I really like being proactive in regard to health”. I then went on to ask her what ways she likes to promote being proactive and she said with the education aspect. Professor Bate’s enjoys being proactive in situations now because after working in the health care field for 18 years, she was constantly being reactive to situations. From her experience now, she can now be proactive as much as possible.

Professor Bates is constantly working with all types of majors and scholars. There is such a wide variety of students in all of her classes that she enjoys seeing day to day. She does collaborate with others in her field in the sense of meeting and discussing different activities for her students. A challenge to this is that extra ideas and activities that they come up with is something that she has to pay for since she is not full time faculty.

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 BY: Capt. Coffee

I went on to ask Bates what courses outside of her department should students take that she feels are necessary. She states, “I think all students should take some sort of communication course. A lot of people are not good at it whether it is written verbal or relational. I also think that art courses are important. Being able to tap into that creative part of your brain is really crucial to problem solving and it doesn’t matter what career you are in. It changes your way of thinking and your way of looking at things.” I could not agree more with what she states here. I personally have taken two art classes over my college career and thought that they were very beneficial to my own well being. Going to a class that you enjoy makes your day better and puts you into a better state of mind.

I ended my interview with Lynn with some more personal questions. I asked her what she enjoys doing in her free time. To me, it sounds like Professor Bates loves staying active and seeing the world. She told me that her free time consists of working out, jazzercise, gardening, cooking, drawing, traveling and watching a good movie on television. The last thing I asked was what is the favorite part of her career. Her answer was nothing short of great. She responded with, “The diversity of students that you meet in this kind of profession. They are diverse culturally, intellectually diverse, and motivationally diverse. It is amazing, the people that you get to meet.”

It was truly great to meet with a professor outside of the class that she teaches. Being able to connect on a more personal level gives you much more respect for your professor and what they teach. By talking to Professor Bates, I feel like there is more that I want to experience in life, and also gives me more to think about when it comes to my own career. I can only hope that she enjoyed this interview as much as I did. Special thanks to Professor Lynn Bates.

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2 Replies to “Interview with Lynn Bates”

  1. Add a photo to this interview (anything openly licensed, or an image of Lynne or her classroom or office) and maybe add her last name to the title so it’s a bit more professional…

  2. A great interview! I think you capture Lynne’s positive attitude, and her focus on experiential learning and helping her students see connections between their work and the real world application of the knowledge is great to learn about. I also love the focus on diversity and creativity. This was a pleasure to read!

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