What Happened When I Didn’t Listen

As we are young, we tend to not listen to our parents. There are so many different parenting styles and no two are the same. As a child, I was rambunctious, active, independent, and a terrible listener. Many parents would see that and think “My goodness those poor parents!”. But my parents would tell you that they would never change a thing.

Around this time I was attending first grade. It was the weekend and I attended my parent’s softball BBQ along with my sister and other children and adults. I easily befriended other adventurous girls my age leading us to go off and explore the backyard away from parents. We came across this tree that was honestly the most beautiful and bodacious tree. Probably one of the biggest I have seen with branches that stretched from top to bottom. Of course, me being me, had the first instinct of climbing that tree.

My other friends went first. I definitely hesitated to join because my parents always said to not climb the trees. Being so young, I thought my parents were just fun suckers so I did it anyways. I followed the girls as we climbed higher into the sky jumping branch to branch. It was memorable, seeing the sun shine through the leaves and branches. I got to this branch, towards the top of the tree that was a little farther than all of the others. The other girls had made it and I thought to myself that if they can, so can I. I remember standing there on that branch, staring towards the ground, feeling and hearing my heart beat through my chest. My legs felt shaky, and I was nervous. So I did what any normal child would do…I jumped.

I took what I thought was the biggest leap of my short life, and I fell. I fell hard and broke my wrist. This was the first bone that I had ever broken, and it was brutal. There are moments in our lives that we remember forever. I did not know it then, but that moment helped me realize exactly what I wanted to do with my life. As I got to the hospital, I remember the nurses and technicians that took care of me, and how the pain just seemed to go away because of how intrigued I was by all of them. I wanted to be one of those people, and that’s what I plan on doing. That is what happened when I didn’t listen.