School: Are We Missing Something?

I am sure that I’m not alone when asking “Are we missing something?” after reading these three articles. All articles touch on the new idea of building a domain for students that allows them to personalize their education basically. In this new age of technology, are we using it to its full potential for our learning? If every student in high school or college was able to create their own personalized domain and learn the way that each individual learns best, it would change the way education is looked at and help people learn the way that they want to learn.

Technology is much more than Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Gardner Campbell from Baylor university created something called a “personal cyberinfrastructure” that “gives students agency and control; they are the subjects of their learning, not the objects of education technology software”. I agree completely with this, students should be able to express their learning and express what they have to offer the world and share it with anyone they please.

There was a great point that Andrew Rikard states in his article titles Do I Own my Domain If You Grade it? “If no one wants to read the hastily constructed blog post for a class participation grade, then what is the purpose of making it public? If assignments are going to live online, don’t they need to be connected to a public dialogue? Don’t they need to be oriented at the proper audience? The web is a network for conversations, and if students still see their audience as a teacher with a red pen, then nothing changes.” I personally see this everyday and have to do this for many of my classes. I get an assignment from a professor telling us to write about something completely boring and then comment on another student’s post saying anything that comes to mind to receive credit.

Overall I think the idea of students having their own domain past their high school and college careers is awesome. If I were looking to hire someone for a job I wouldn’t just want to see their transcripts and portfolio but I would be interested in seeing a website that they have created and posted about with their interests and what they have achieved throughout there learning experiences with school. So in general, I believe that a lot of schools are missing something. They are missing personalized learning, and the Domain of One’s own Initiative may be the solution.